Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I’ve never understood this concept.    No matter how spiteful you are, or try to be, or hateful you are, or determined you are to make your spouse or boyfriend miserable…..withholding sex will get you nowhere !!! 

If  you are medically unable to enjoy sex, if you are psychologically unable to enjoy sex, this is not about you.

Purposely withholding it from another person, someone you ‘supposedly’ love?    Downright the most stupidest thing you can do.

Think about it.

I’m mad at my husband.  I’m going to withhold sex as punishment.  After day 2, who’s suffering?  Him?  Doubt it. 

It’s me. 

Don’t matter how many times I fire up the old BOB, it just ain’t the same, and it never will be. 

By Day Three I’ve burnt out the motor and run out of batteries.   Damn thing starts smoking and twirling in reverse before I even get the KY out !

By Day Four I am  clawing at myself, batteries are not enough and I’ve burnt up the generator we bought last year for hurricane season. 

And don’t even THINK of looking at me like there MIGHT be something ‘off’.   I will cram that VIBRATING phone right down your throat and sit on your face !!!

Oh, and back to the one I’m punishing?  Let’s check in on him…

  He’s getting 12 hours of sleep,

Watching the game. 

Snoring like the damn wood chipper from the movie “FARGO”…….thereby,

Keeping me awake and aware of the fact that




P.S.  Those of you that know me, know I didn’t make it past Day Two !  LOL

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