Sunday, December 06, 2009

Change, for change sake

Wow, been awhile…I”ve fallen out of the Myspace Zone and into  Facebook “Family” Zone.    But.. all in all, its’ all good.   I like  it over there.

Of course, leaving my web-mother of Myspace was hard at first, I managed to break away without too much distress.  Seems my real life family at Facebook is much more comforting than I initially believed it would, or could, be.

So that has been my new home of late.  And I like it.  Alot.

Life in general hasn’t changed much outside of that.   Fortunately, or unfortunately.  The jury is still out on that yet.

Cyberly,  my life consists mostly of Farkle, Yacht and Bejeweled and beating long lost friends at their dice rolling abilities.  All good.  Competition is good for the soul, and friendships. 

I’ve reconnected with some long lost friends, lost loves and made new friends I should have had years ago, had I given them the chance.

Amazing how  maturity and cyberspace allows people to forgive, make up and renew.  Definitely a positive in lives across the cyber board.  I only wish I could find more missing connections there.  I can’t count the hours I have spent in search of lost friends and classmates…..but I don’t give up…

But, it seems not everyone is on the same cyber train as some of us.    And I guess that’s okay, they probly have their reasons.  I can’t imagine what they could be, but, to each their own, I guess.  All  I can say is, it’s a damn shame.   We really have a good time over there in Facebook……

Outside of moving my cyber life from fantasy-ville to reality, real life hasn’t changed much at all.

I still work for hubby.  For free.  I am still eternally internally aggravated and eaten alive by that fact.  But, I don’t see it changing any time soon.   My ‘boss’ doesn’t give raises  to any one, nor do I see him initiating any type of reimbursement to me for my time spent keeping him organized, up to speed, record or date on any of the four companies he controls.  

This situation gnaws at me constantly, and I wonder why I continue to let it go on….and as much as I argue it in my own head, as miserable as it makes me, I have to believe that one day,  some day, I will benefit from all this frustration.

There has to be a reason.  There has to be some logic as to why I tolerate his arrogant stubbornness, his incessant persistence of Neanderthal thinking and primitive thought process.  His selfishness, close and narrow mindedness, that only he seems to be blind too.  

I must be stronger than I ever thought myself to be.  Or am I just blinded by love……How can one emotion be so powerful to  command all the other senses of one’s person and blur everything they know to be right, so much so that even the blatant obvious has justification?


Anonymous said...

V, I truly hope the business goes into 6+ digits for your share one of these days.

Will only be fair...

Vicki said...

Thank you. I hope so too. But as hard as he tries I think he shoots himself in the foot moreoften than naught. And life goes on...