Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Late Introduction….

For those of you that care to venture there, enjoy a good laugh, or an occasional blunt look into every day life, whether you just need a chuckle, a reality check or a mental “mind cleanse” ,  I have a standing blog site up and open.  


I have been posting there for the past couple years.  I started blogging  on MySpace where most people didn’t know me  personally.  Most of the blogs are just plain “life in general”.  Some are not for the PG rated or the soft of stomach or values.   But if any of you remember me from  years past, you know I was never one to mince words. 


I don’t go there every day.   Mostly it’s just the rantings or ventings of an under-socialized, over -wined, under –dined -mommy lacking a tad bit of sanity induced by crazy people under 4 feet tall.

I deal with every day life, just like you, some days the wine glass is half full, or  on a bad day, maybe half empty………but most days are a just a bit blurry and as a result , just a tad bit more entertaining…LOL

Here  is your invitation…….go check it out, Bookmark it.  Or not.  Just puttin’ it out there.

Cheers !    …….Vicki

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